Oil Art Paintings

Oil paintings enjoy a reputation as one of the more classic forms of art, and as far as paintings go, and can add just the touch of elegance that anyone could use in their home or office. Whether you’re looking to dress up the walls of your living room or impress clients in your office’s waiting area, oil paintings can be just what’s needed to give your space a finishing touch.

Classic Art Form

Oil painting is the process whereby an artist uses pigments on canvas that use a drying oil as the binder. As a process dates back as far as the fifth and tenth centuries when Indian and Chinese painters created Buddhist works, though its rise to popularity actually occurred in the 15th century during the Middle Ages. A considerable number of art’s most iconic works – like the Mona Lisa – are oil paintings.

Drawing Down Your Search

When you begin shopping for the perfect oil painting for you, you can winnow your options down by taking advantage of several search options that can aid you in restricting your search to only those oil paintings that meet your preferred criteria. For example, you can create a date range within which your painting falls if you’re looking to pinpoint a work from a specific era. Additionally, if you’re looking for paintings of a specific subject, such as the ever-popular portrait or a stunning still life, you can limit your search to only paintings that fit your preferences. You can even choose oil paintings that were created using a specific surface, like canvas, paper, or velvet.

Growing Your Collection

Some people enjoy collecting oil paintings by elements like artist, era, or subject, and as you search listings for them, you might consider a framed portrait by your favorite artist to your collection, or you might look to enhance your kitchen décor by adding a fruit still life signed by the artist to the wall above your pantry.

Avoiding the Hassle of Galleries

Whether you want a painting to spruce up the walls of a hallway or whether you are on the lookout for one to add an air of elegance to your office, shopping for oil paintings online provides you with the opportunity to browse a larger inventory than you might typically see in any art gallery. Avoid the hassle that’s inherent with traveling to and shopping in a gallery and locate exactly what you need from the comfort of home instead.