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PORTER-CABLE Cordless Drills

PORTER-CABLE Cordless Drills

A cordless drill is an essential part of any mechanicu001as toolkit. PORTER-CABLE is one of the leading makers of power tools like power drills and has an assortment from which to choose. You can find the right PORTER-CABLE cordless drills for your toolkit and learn more about them here.

What power options are available in cordless drills?

Power drills typically use one of four voltage levels for their power supply. While lower-voltage drills are lighter, higher-voltage drills have more torque for jobs to require more force. Each voltage level requires a battery rating to provide it. The 18V and 20V drills typically use lithium-ion batteries. Common voltage-levels for power drill power supplies include:

  • 8V
  • 12V
  • 18V
  • 20V
Do PORTER-CABLEs cordless drills have brushless motors?

Brushless drills are designed to provide the same amount of power on a fully charged battery as they do on a nearly empty battery. In the case of a replacement 20V drill, the brushless motor offers 50% longer run time compared to brushed models. In fact, users can drill one-inch auger bits through a two-ply material and the drill will not stall out.

What comprises a cordless combo kit?

A cordless combo kit allows you to embark on do-it-yourself projects in your home with a number of useful power tools. A combo kit, for example, may come with a reciprocating saw, drill, flashlight, and charger. One benefit of buying power tool combo kits is that the tools will all use the same rechargeable battery and charger. This can make it simpler to find the right battery. It also allows you to use multiple batteries when doing a long project.

What are the features of 20V cordless drills?

These drills help you get the most out of the lithium batterys features for enhanced performance. They have a powerful motor, 1.5 Amp-hour battery that delivers 330 UWO (unit watts out), and high-speed transmission. The two-speed transmission provides 0-400 RPM at a low speed for high-torque applications and 0-1600 RPM during low-torque applications.

For example, the PCCK600LB cordless drill features a battery gauge that allows you to determine the level of the remaining charge while working. The extra accessory storage with two magnetic bit tip holders allows you to store the tool safely. Other features include rubber bumpers that are fitted on the sides of the tool, an LED work light, and a belt clip that you can fasten to fit right-hand and left-handed users.

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