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Paul and Shark Men's Coats and Jackets

Coats and jackets can add warmth or fashion to your casual outfit or for other occasions. These Paul and Shark long-sleeve men's coats and jackets can be outfitted with a variety of different features that include a heated lining, a lightweight build, and insulation. Similar to Paul and Shark shirts for men, this clothing can be selected in a range of different men's sizes that extend from small to 4XL for regular sizes and 2XLT for big and tall sizes. They often include a view of the Paul and Shark logo on the coat or jacket.

Which styles of Paul and Shark coats and jackets are available?
  • Pea coat: This is a thick outer coat typically worn over a long-sleeve shirt or sweater that is comprised of coarse woolen cloth and is double-breasted in design, with either six or eight buttons down the front. They usually come with a short length that extends to right around the hip and can be worn over a polo shirt, T-shirt, or a sweater.
  • Bomber: This is a casual short jacket that was originally worn by pilots and usually consists of an interior lining of either wool or sheepskin. They can sometimes be equipped with fur collars.
  • Duffel coat: This includes any type of coat that is made from duffel, which is a specific type of thick wool. This type of coat is usually fastened through the usage of toggles.
  • Trench: This is a double-breasted raincoat that can extend to around the knees in length and is usually belted when fastening it.
What materials are these Paul and Shark jackets made of?
  • Polyester: This is a resin that is man-made and exists first as a type of plastic before it is formed into a fabric. It is typically spun with other natural fibers in order to create a garment with blended properties.
  • Down: This is a lightweight material that is taken from the plumage of duck and geese. A fabric that is referred to as down typically consists of 90% down material and 10% feathers.
  • Nylon: This is a synthetic polymer that is lightweight in nature and can be made into molded objects and filaments through different heating processes.
  • Cotton: This is a substance that is soft and white and is taken from the seeds of plants. It is lightweight and can be spun into either thread or yarn.
  • Wool: This is a thin type of hair that is taken from a goat or a sheep and comes in many different forms depending on the species of animal it is taken from.
What colors are available with these Paul and Shark jackets?

Similar to their polo shirts, sweaters, and T-shirts, these Paul and Shark men's jackets are available in a variety of colors that include black and blue. Some additional color options that are available for you to select include red, white, purple, green, gray, and brown. This clothing can also be selected in multicolor combinations like orange and black or red and blue.

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