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Poland Coins

Polish history begins when the Kingdom of Poland was formed in the year 1025. Throughout its long history, this Central European country has produced a variety of different coins. You can find many of these antique or commemorative coins in this collection.

What are Poland coins?

Mints in Poland have produced different types of metal currency. Some of this currency has been in active circulation, and other coins have been made specifically for collectors. Many of these pieces of currency bear the images of Polish heroes or kings. Others show special images that commemorate certain occasions or events.

What types of materials are Poland coins made from?

Polish coins have been made with different materials throughout different portions of this countrys history. Some pieces of Polish currency have been made with precious metals. These coins are generally made for collectors and investors and are kept out of active circulation. Here are some of the materials that have been used to make metal currency in Poland:

  • Aluminum: In order to save materials like copper for war efforts, Poland produced a number of Polish zlotys that were made of aluminum.
  • Nickel: Many Polish zlotys in the early 20th century were made from nickel.
  • Copper: Up until the mid-1800s, copper was used to produce a great deal of Polish currency. You can find copper currency from Poland that goes all the way back to the 1500s.
  • Brass: The Poles use brass to make their money to this day. This practice began in the early 20th century.
  • Bi-metallic: Some money from Poland is made using more than one metal. Money made from two metals features two different colors.
  • Silver: Silver is one of the worlds most sought-after precious metals. During some periods of history, silver was just as valuable as gold.
  • Gold: Gold is the most precious metal that is used to make money. The price of gold is always fluctuating, but many collectors purchase gold currency as a long-term investment.
What are some special Poland coins?

Currency from Poland features a wide variety of designs. Here are some of the designs that are most commonly selected by collectors:

  • 1925 King Boleslaw 10 zloty gold coin: This coin bears the face of legendary King Boleslaw. This type of coin is no longer in circulation, and it is considered a collectors item.
  • 1966 100 zloty silver coin: This commemorative coin features an image of a mythic man and woman. This type of coin is often protected by the plastic bag that it was enclosed in at the mint.
  • 1763 Danzig Gdansk 6 groszy coin: This antique coin is quite a rarity and is in great demand by collectors.

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