Power Wheelchairs

Become More Mobile Using a Power Wheelchair

Getting around can be made simpler in many cases if you have a power, or motorized, wheelchair to use. These eliminate the need to push yourself or to have another person push you, which may prevent you from getting as fatigued while traveling. There are several new and used versions available on eBay with features that may appeal to different users.

Are these designed for indoor or outdoor use?

Power wheelchairs can be designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Lighter chairs may be somewhat smaller, making them more maneuverable. With smaller wheelbases, they can make tighter turns around furniture, narrow hallways, and other obstacles. Heavier motorized wheelchairs are just larger all around. Their motors are usually more powerful, and they typically have larger and sturdier frames and wheels, letting them better handle uneven terrain. Both indoor and outdoor wheelchairs are available on eBay.

How long do the batteries hold their charge?

Different models may have their own batteries. In general, batteries should be able to last a whole day of use without having to be recharged, as this is practical for many reasons. Its often recommended that users recharge their batteries each night.

What type of drives do they have?

This question refers to where the power is delivered. There are three main types:

  • Front-wheel drive - In this system, the front wheels are motorized, and the casters go in the back. These models can maneuver well, capable of handling tight turns. Stability is enhanced when the battery component is in the rear.
  • Mid-wheel/Center drive - These also have a tight turning radius so they may be ideal for urban environments.
  • Rear-wheel drive - Here, the casters are in front, and the motorized wheels were in the back. This design allows a chair to track in a straight line naturally. These mobility chairs may tend to be more suited for outdoor terrain.
Are they portable?

Many people need to be able to take their chairs with them in vehicles and planes. In this case, travel wheelchairs can be an option to consider. These types of mobility chairs can fold up or be disassembled relatively quickly. Sometimes the seating component can be stored separately from the motor and wheels. In comparison to larger chairs, they may have less padding. eBay offers a variety of power wheelchairs.