Queen Duvet Covers & Bedding Sets

Queen Duvet Covers and Bedding Sets

Duvet covers and bedding sets are designed for both comfort and decorative purposes in your bedroom. Choosing the right bedding for your queen-sized bed is particularly important when you consider that the average person spends one-third of his or her life asleep, usually under the covers of a bed. Here are some things to keep in mind if youre looking for a duvet cover set for a queen-sized bed.

What are the differences between comforters, duvets, and quilts?
  • A comforter is a bed cover filled with down, wool, or synthetic filler. The fabric may be a solid color or print like a floral or stripe, but it is always decorative because a comforter is meant to cover the bed and be the outermost layer of your bedding.
  • A duvet cover is constructed like a comforter. A duvet goes inside a duvet cover, which acts as a protective casing for the duvet, similar to a pillowcase. A duvet cover can also be decorative and may be made with a colored or print fabric. A duvet cover set typically includes a duvet cover and a pair of pillow shams, which are decorative cases for pillows.
  • A quilt is a padded bed covering made of several pieces of fabric stitched together in a decorative design.
What are the bedding set sizes?

The dimensions of a standard queen mattress are 60 inches by 80 inches, so most queen-size bed covers measure approximately 86 inches by 94 inches. A duvet cover labeled as full/queen measures approximately 88 inches by 88 inches. Because pillows also come in different sizes, dimensions of pillow shams are important, too. A standard-size pillow is 20 inches by 26 inches, while a king-sized pillow is 20 inches by 36 inches.

What fabrics are used for bedding sets?
  • Cotton is a material that’s often used in bedding. Upland cotton is a good material choice for crisp everyday sheets, while Pima or Egyptian cotton produces bedding that is softer to the touch. Cotton jersey bedclothes feel like a T-shirt fabric with more elasticity to it. Cotton sateen, another fabric made of cotton fibers, has more shine to it.
  • Linen is a breathable fabric that has a greater permeability for heat to exit through it. Linen is slightly rough to the touch.
  • Silk bedding is smooth and cool to the touch. Silk is made from very fine threads and gives a texture that is fine and is commonly used for the decorative elements of the bedding.