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RIDGID Power Tools

RIDGID Power Tools

The RIDGID Tool Company started manufacturing tools in the early 1920s, and this brand currently produces over 300 different types of tools. RIDGID offers a wide array of power tools that range from nail guns and impact drivers to cordless drills and miter saws, ensuring that they have the proper power tools for any of your building, repairing, or renovating needs. RIDGID tools are designed for durability and power, guaranteeing that they can effectively handle even the most demanding jobs.

What types of power tools does RIDGID offer?

  • Pneumatics: These products utilize air compressors to provide power, and this brand offers a wide variety of nailers and air compressors that are perfect for all your construction needs. Their compressors range in size from one gallon to eight gallons, and nailers come in a variety of options, including brad, straight, angled, framing, and palm nailers.
  • Plug-In: These products offer endless power and include many options, such as drills, circular saws, sanders, reciprocating saws, and more. With access to a plug, these tools are sure to help you complete any project you have.
  • Cordless: This brands cordless products offer maximum portability, as they do not need to be plugged in while they are in use. These compact tools include cordless drills, impact drivers, lights, and combo kits for easy use in on-the-go working situations. These products run on batteries that can be easily recharged to ensure they are ready for your next project.
  • JobMax: This brands JobMax tool is a compact multi-tool that has the ability to perform five different functions and is powered by a 12-volt lithium-ion battery. The tool has multiple heads that are easy to exchange for one another, and these options include drill, jig saw, rotary cutter, reciprocating saw, and impact driver heads.
  • Bench and Stationary: These tools incorporate heavier-duty machinery, such as drill presses, table and miter saws, planers, spindle sanders, and cut off machines. Stands are also available for these products for easy use.

How do RIDGID cordless and corded drills compare?

Drills can be one of the handiest tools to have available for a variety of projects, both in the home and on a construction site. Both cordless drills and plug-in drills are available, and the appropriate model for you depends on where and how you will be using the drill.

  • Cordless: These drills are often compact and provide ultimate portability. If you often use your tools on the go or in new construction sites, these models are a great option, as they do not require a plug to be nearby.
  • Corded: These drills do need to be plugged in, but are able to provide maximum power and consistent torque, as they are being powered by a constant energy source.

What kind of batteries do RIDGID tools utilize?

Some RIDGID tools utilize lithium-ion batteries, as opposed to plugging into the wall. These products are compatible with either an 18-volt or 12-volt lithium-ion battery, and these batteries can be recharged with either plug-in or portable chargers. Some lithium-ion battery chargers also incorporate two ports, allowing you to charge two batteries at once.