Leitores digitais para radiocomunicação

Listen to Emergency Personnel on a Digital Police Scanner

Police scanners can keep you informed of local incidents, accidents, or other events in your neighborhood. You can find an digital police scanner on eBay for an affordable price. Here are a few things you need to know before buying your own police scanner.

What does a digital police scanner do?

The device can quickly scan radio channels for two-way radio signals. Police and fire departments use these radio transmissions to communicate with each other, and the radio signals are transmitted over the open airwaves, so anyone can listen to them. Each department uses a dedicated channel for their communications.

What are some uses for a digital police scanner?

A new or used digital scanner can keep you informed of the activity in your community. You can hear radio calls from your local police and fire departments. Police scanners can alert you to an emergency in your area. There are many radio hobbyists that enjoy scanning the channels. They learn the radio codes for each department to keep track of the local activity. There are many professions that rely on a police scanner as well. Professional truck drivers use the scanners to keep informed of local road conditions. Tow truck drivers will receive a call for assistance through the scanner. Security professionals work closely with local law enforcement. They use a scanner to monitor the area around their property. Off-duty police and firefighters monitor the radio throughout the day. If they are close to an area, they can assist in a situation.

How does a digital scanner work?

Many large cities are switching to digital communications. These digital signals have a large reception range with a clearer sound. A digital scanner can help you to pick up both analog and digital radio communications. You can find a model that is portable. These scanners have an internal database that can access most departments. The device will start to scan once you enter your zip code. When it finds a channel, it will stop scanning. You can listen to local departments or even ones from miles away.

Are there other channels available on a police scanner?

You can listen to more than police departments on a scanner. Many non-police agencies also use two-way radios for communication. Your scanner will search for different departments and agencies in your area. Some of these non-law enforcement departments include:

  • Airport Traffic Control
  • Railroad Security
  • University and School Security
  • Streets and Sanitation