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RadioShack Radio Scanners

What to Consider When Looking For Portable Handheld Radio Scanners

A handheld scanner is an emergency tool that many people use in survival situations. Anyone can use a scanner to find radio signals from anywhere. These include signals from weather agencies, thus helping people to stay informed if the power is ever out during an emergency or an evacuation has to take place.

There are many Radio Shack scanner models for you to choose from. These scanners provide you with access to radio signals provided a battery power source is utilized.

How Does It Work?

Your scanner will work with a few steps to make it fully functional:

  1. Turn on the handheld scanner. Be sure the battery is included.
  2. Select the frequency band that you wish to search for signals from.
  3. You can either manually move through the band to find a specific frequency or press a scan button that automatically finds frequencies based on the strongest signals that can be read.
  4. The antenna on the top of the scanner will identify the signals in an area. The unit works well when the antenna has a clear view of the open sky.
  5. The digital screen on your scanner will list the frequency and band you are on. You may be able to program that frequency as a preset that you can access for later use. The digital setup should also come with a volume control that is easy for the user to access when trying to listen to weather radio data.

Also, your scanner will more than likely not require the use of any outside software. The device should be ready for any user, but it helps to read the instructions for use beforehand.

What Frequencies Can You Find?

You can use a RadioShack scanner to find digital radio signals in many forms:

  • Amateur radio. Your RadioShack unit can identify software signals from amateur radio operators in your area. These include people who work on frequencies available for public noncommercial use
  • Weather reports. Official weather broadcasts from the NOAA can be received through your Radio Shack scanner
  • Private radio frequencies. Radio signals produced for private use in certain venues like convention centers or sports arenas can be collected off of a scanner
  • Traditional signals. Many commercial over-the-air signals, including FM and AM signals, can be gathered by a scanner.

How Is It Powered?

Radio Shack scanners are traditionally powered by batteries. You may require a couple of AA or AAA batteries, but some models come with 9V DC adapters that you can recharge and plug into the back end of the unit. Be sure to see how well your unit can be powered up when finding something that works for your demands.

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