A Turntable Motor for Your Vinyl Collection

Some audiophiles will tell you that there is nothing like listening to music on vinyl. The sounds that the needle produces as it is circling the vinyl are unlike any other music players that are available, but the parts can be difficult to come by when something needs to be replaced. A turntable motor is one of the parts that may need to be replaced as the record player ages, so you will need to know what to look for in a turntable engine from eBay to repair your vinyl music machine.

What's a belt drive and a direct drive turntable motor?

These are both great types of turntable motors that you can have. The belt drive system is designed with a belt that wraps around the turntable and spins. These are only designed to spin in one direction, which will help preserve the motor. A direct drive system can be spun both ways without any resistance, so it is good for DJs who like to change the tempo of a song briefly.

What types of turntable motors are available?

There are a few different models of inexpensive motor turntables on eBay that you may want to consider for your record player. Even though they may be compatible with your device, you will want to choose the motor that has the speed and resistance you need for your music, especially if you are a DJ. The motor is the base of the record player, so if you do not have the right motor, you may not be able to scratch your records as you'd like. Some of the common motor types include:

  • AC turntable motor
  • AR turntable motor
  • DC turntable motor
  • Hi-Fi turntable motor
How do you know you need a turntable motor replacement?

When your turntable stops spinning, slows down, or starts making noise when you are using it, the motor may need to be replaced. You can get a DIY turntable motor that you can install yourself or a turntable motor kit that will help simplify the process. Turntable motor upgrades are also going to be available for you to consider, so don't settle on the motor make that you are replacing.

What are some turntable motors suppliers worth considering?

Though the brand of the turntable motor that you purchase does not determine the quality of the product, there are a few brands worth considering. These include:

  • Pioneer
  • Technics
  • Garrard
  • Duel Electronics
  • BSR