Keep Your Favorite Vinyl Spinning with a New Turntable Platter

Whether you are a professional DJ creating smooth beats or a music lover savoring your favorite oldies, a new platter for your turntable brings new life to your vinyl hits. A new turntable platter combines functionality with a bit of your personal style, and eBay has a large collection of options that range from simple to artistic.

Why should you replace the platter on your turntable?

You may be looking for a new turntable platter for aesthetic reasons or to replace a turntable platter that has seen better times. The benefits of replacing the platter of your turntable are:

  • Wear and tear - Scratches, warping, and other problems with the platter make your music sound out of tune and may damage the surface of your vinyl records. A new platter protects your gear and helps your system produce quality sound.
  • Turntable upgrade or aesthetics - With a wide variety of materials to choose from, you can transform the platter on your turntable into a jazzy platform for your favorite tunes. You can choose styles that are understated, flashy, or stylish.
  • Turntable replacement - If the platter on your turntable has been lost or broken, you cannot play your music on your sound system and you need a replacement platter.
How do you find the right turntable platter?

Finding the right platter for your turntable is important. Before choosing a new platter, you should know:

  • Size - Platters are measured in millimeters or inches. If you are unsure about the size of the platter that you need, you should check the manufacturer's website or measure the current platter with an accurate ruler.
  • Material - The material of the platter affects the aesthetics. When looking for a platter, you should consider your lifestyle and how often you use your turntable. If you travel with your sound system, choose a more durable material to prevent scratches and other types of damage.
  • Style - The design of the platter affects the overall look of your sound system. When you are searching for a new turntable platter, you should consider the age and look of your sound system.
What types of materials are available for a turntable platter?

You can choose a platter that blends in with your sound system or one that makes a statement. Some of the material options are:

  • Glass - Glass turntable platters are practically invisible and have a hint of shimmer as your vinyl spins on the turntable.
  • Acrylic - An acrylic turntable platter is made of hard plastic and may be more durable than other types of materials.
  • Aluminum - Aluminum has an industrial appearance that looks great. The platter is machined to ensure that it is level.
  • Copper - A copper platter has a golden shimmer that enhances the look of your sound system.
  • Custom - Custom platters have abstract geometric shapes that resemble sculptures.