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Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

Real estate can be bought as a primary residence or an investment. You can buy in Buffalo, New York; Orlando, Florida; or elsewhere in the country whether its in the North or the South, East Coast or West Coast. Its important to find a property listing that provides you with the size, features, and amenities youre looking for in your next home.

What does real estate include?

Residential real estate generally includes the land and the home. You will want to check the listing to find out exactly what is included. In some instances, you will only be getting property. This means that you can then choose to build your own house on the land.

Where can you find real estate?

Real estate can be found all over the globe, from Buffalo to Orlando or Hamburg to Sussex. You will want to narrow down your search to determine where you want to be located. Once you know where you want your property to be, it will be easier to find the right estate.

How are homes sold?

How a home goes on sale is something you need to examine. There are pros and cons for each of the different methods available.

  • By agent: There is usually a 6% commission fee for marketing and brokering a deal.
  • By owner: Owners can choose to sell their homes on their own although its important to use an appraiser and potentially an attorney.
What are some property features to consider?

There are quite a few features you will want to look at when buying real estate. Whether you buy a single-family home in Buffalo, a timeshare in Orlando, or a townhome in New Jersey, you should review whats available.

  • Size of land
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Home features
  • Date of build
How do you decide on a property?

When you decide you want to buy real estate, you have to look at whats on sale. The land, the community, the home, and everything else should be factored in. Once you have a property that youre interested in, take the time to dig into it and to find out more information.

  • Read listing: Read through the listing to find out details about the home, including the land, when it was last updated, and the different features.
  • Review photos: Look at photos to learn more about what the land and the house look like to decide if you want to live there.
  • Ask questions: Its always important to ask questions about the estate you are considering.