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Enhance Your Workout With Resistance Bands

Spending time in the gym and developing a regular workout routine is great for your overall fitness. For the times you simply can’t get to the gym and you need an effective home or travel workout tool, you might want to consider turning to workout bands. They are lightweight, portable, easy to store and provide customizable resistance levels to match your workout needs. Here's how to choose the right resistance bands for your home exercise routine.

What is the difference between straight and loop workout bands?

Resistance workout bands are widely available in two common forms. The first is a long, tubular shape, usually with handles or clips at each end. These can be attached to frames to make an at-home suspension trainer system.

Another form is the flat band. These are usually about 3-inches wide and very thin. See the manufacturer site for details. They are the easiest option if you are planning to travel with your band or take it along to the office for a lunchtime workout session. Flat bands are often shaped as loops or rings.

What are resistance bands made from?

Traditionally, resistance bands were made out of latex rubber. However, there are plenty of latex-free options available now if you need to avoid it for personal preference or allergies.

Some bands will be made with elastic and cloth to make them more comfortable against your skin during use. Handles may be plastic or foam or a combination of the two materials.

How do you determine your resistance level?

Exercise bands offer a range of resistance for each one. They may be listed as a range, such as 5 to 10 pounds, or a single number like 40 pounds that represents how much resistance you should expect at their maximum recommended stretching point.

Because your muscles have different strengths, it can be a good idea to buy an assortment of bands or tubes. This gives you the most flexibility in your workout routine and can offer challenging resistance for the exercises you perform. Also, since workout bands are small and generally affordable, a set likely won’t stretch your budget and storage space past their limits.

Most workout bands are color coded by the manufacturer, so you can easily spot the right size band. The coding system is not always interchangeable, however, so be sure to check the package of bands you purchase or select the appropriate single band based on your needs.

No matter what strength of bands you choose, look for a range of resistance levels that will challenge all your major muscles, bands that offer comfort features like padded handles or pinch-free materials, and interchangeable clips or handles if you plan to anchor them to a solid surface.