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Ricoh Film Cameras

Ricoh sold its first camera in 1936, and the company still continues to make a variety of cameras. This company retains more than 50,000 patents worldwide with the majority of them being held in Japan where the company is headquartered. Many people enjoy shooting pictures with Ricoh film cameras because they capture highlights, blend light and color, and provide grain.

What are some types of Ricoh cameras?

Ricoh offers a variety of cameras, including:

  • Point and shoot: These units are light, and they take a variety of film depending on the model.
  • 35-millimeter single lens reflex (SLR): These units take a roll of 35-millimeter film, and they can use different lenses.
  • Rangefinder: This option is focused by the user turning a knob until two images are superimposed on top of each other.
  • Medium format: These options take a variety of different film sizes depending on the model chosen, with 120 and 220 sizes being common.
  • Twin-lens reflex: These units have two objective lenses that are the same length, and the viewfinder is usually viewed from above.
  • Half-frame: These options use film at half the intended exposure format.
  • Large-format: These units use large sheets of film with 4 inches by 5 inches and 8 inches by 10 inches being common sizes.
  • Subminiature: These units use film smaller than 35 millimeters, like 16-millimeter, 9.5-millimeter, 17-millimeter, or 17.5-millimeter film.
  • Folding: These options contain bellows, allowing the camera to fold into a compact unit when not in use.
What are some Ricoh camera parts that are available?

There are many different parts to a camera, including:

  • Viewfinder: You look through this part to take a picture. In some vintage Ricoh units, the shutter must be pushed before you can see through the viewfinder.
  • Shutter release: The shutter release opens a mirror inside the body, allowing the lens to open and capture light.
  • Shutter: This piece opens to allow light to enter the body. Except on point-and-shoot models, you can adjust how long the shutter will remain open.
  • Shutter speed control: This knob allows you to set how long the shutter remains open. More light enters the body when this knob is set to a higher number. You control the shutter speed by using the menu normally located on the LCD screen on some Ricoh models.
  • Hot shoe mount: This part is where an external flash is attached to your camera.
  • Lens ring mount: On models with interchangeable lenses, this part allows them to attach.
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