Round Fish Bowls

Round Fish Bowls

Classic round fish bowls allow a person to keep their fish safe while still being able to see the fish swimming around in the water. Fish bowls come in many different sizes, so you have a lot of aquarium options for housing your fish. To find the right type for your home or workplace, you just need to consider your fishs needs and aquarium requirements.

What type of animals can live in a round fish bowl?

Since round bowls are a little on the small size, they do not have enough room for the filters or water heaters that some breeds require. Round aquariums are best for these breeds:

  • Goldfish - Goldfish can easily live in a round tank, but goldfish do grow at a rapid pace. You may end up needing to buy a larger bowl for your goldfish to live in.
  • Bettas - Since bettas will fight when placed in a tank together, you will need a separate bowl for each betta.
  • Gourami - Gourami have brilliant patterns on their scales that make them look very nice. You will need to include plants or rocks for them to hide under in your fish tank.
  • Paradise-fish - This breed likes cooler, slow moving water, so it is ideal for bowls without a filter.
What is a good fish bowl size?

There are many different aquarium sizes available.

  • One gallon - These small bowls are best for young fish that still have a lot of growing to do.
  • Two gallon - This slightly larger size lets you keep your fish more comfortable. It can be used for small breeds like Tetras.
  • Five gallon - These bigger sizes provide plenty of space and hold a lot of water.
How often do you need to clean a bowl?

To keep your pets healthy without a filtration system, you will need to do frequent water changes and cleanings. Make sure to treat tap water and add some of the old tank water to the fresh water to avoid stressing your fish. Goldfish tend to make bigger messes, so you will need to change the water twice a week. For other breeds, roughly once a week is fine. Big tanks do not require as frequent water changes as small tanks.

What can you do with a fish tank?

Fish bowls can be more than just an aquarium. Here are a few other ways to use a tank.

  • Terrarium - Fill the bowl with soil and moss to create a humidity rich environment for plants.
  • Drinks - Small, never-been-used tanks are perfect for serving the festive "fishbowl" cocktails.
  • Candleholder - A tank can make a nice candleholder if you place a pillar candle in it and surround it with rocks.
  • Vases - Many bubble aquariums are the perfect size and shape to use as a vase for flowers and other decorative objects.