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Rubbermaid Home Storage Boxes

Storage containers help you pack away and organize the multitude of items in your home. These containers can sit on a shelf, stack on top of each other, or slide under a bed. Rubbermaid offers a large assortment of storage containers, totes, and boxes of varying sizes, colors, and materials, making it likely that you will be able to find the right containers to store your belongings.

What types of storage containers does Rubbermaid offer?
  • All-Access: The All-Access containers have a heavy-duty plastic design, and these allow you to access the items inside the box without ever removing the lid. Each box has a clear, drop-down window on the side of the box that allows you to see the items inside. By swinging down the lid, you can access items at the bottom quickly and easily.
  • ActionPacker: The ActionPacker storage containers are heavy-duty and built of tough, durable plastic. Each box has a lid that latches down and can be locked with a padlock, keeping your belongings safe. These range in capacity from 8 gallons to 48 gallons.
  • Roughneck: These heavy-duty tubs are constructed of polyethylene to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. The lids are durable too, allowing you to easily and safely stack these containers on top of one another. These heavy-duty totes come in opaque and clear colors and vary greatly in capacity. Some of these units include latching or high-top lid options.
What is Rubbermaid Clever Store?

Clever Store containers utilize space-efficient designs to maximize storage capacity and simplify storage needs. Clever Store boxes incorporate more vertical walls for each box, increasing your storage space. These clear plastic totes have recessed locking lids for stacking. They are also compatible with organizing trays, which sit in the top of the box, allowing you easy access to items you commonly use.

What types of specialty storage options does Rubbermaid have?
  • Flex Totes: Flex Totes are made of flexible materials, making them easy to place in tight spaces around the home, such as under the bed or in a closet. These have zippers on the top and side for access.
  • Wheeled: These plastic boxes measure 6.7 inches in height for storage under the bed. This type of container also incorporates four wheels on the bottom so you can roll it out from under the bed.
  • Canisters: Canisters are made for bulk products like pet food, cat litter, and laundry detergent. They have snap-on lids, and the clear plastic exterior allows you to see how much is in the container.
  • Media storage: These storage containers are options for storing your photos and media. They can hold photo envelopes, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, and greeting cards. They have bookend supports to prevent contents from toppling over.
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