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Sager Laptops and Netbooks Offer Specialty Solutions

Established in 1985, Sager manufacturers portable computers only. Its mobile computing solutions focus on machines for gaming, editing video, and coding and running business applications. Just because you get up from your desk doesnt mean you cant continue working on your project to meet your deadline when you use one of these mobile computers.

What hardware connectivity options do these machines offer?

These netbooks and laptops may include a display port or mini display port for connecting an additional monitor. You may find units featuring HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1. or USB-C ports or SD card slots with which you can use an adapter to also read miniSD and microSD cards.

What features do these business and gaming laptops offer?

Some of these netbooks and gaming laptops offer backlit keyboards, Bluetooth, and built-in webcams. These may come virtual-reality ready as well. The machines offer multiple processor options including the Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i5 third generation, or the Intel Core i7 third through eighth generation, and the Intel Core i7 Extreme second generation. The memory options range from 4GB to 16GB. Sager systems come with either a Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.

What do the parts of the laptop or netbook do?

When purchasing a laptop or netbook, you need to know the function of each part and its bearing on system performance. This allows you to choose a system capable of the functions you want it to perform. For example, a netbook generally requires a constant internet connection to access cloud applications. A laptop features a larger hard drive to accommodate local installation of applications and local file saving.

  • Motherboard: Connects to every part via wires; the memory and central processing unit (CPU) attach to it
  • CPU: The processor forms the brains of a computer; its chip decides the laptops speed
  • Hard drive: Storage area for the operating system, applications, and files; sizes vary
  • Random access memory (RAM): The temporary memory of a computer; the greater the RAM, the more programs you can run at once
  • Display adapter: A card integrated onto the motherboard or a separate graphics card; interprets video signal
  • Graphics card: Card attached to or part of the motherboard determining monitor refresh rate, a displays maximum resolution, and the number of colors the display can support
  • Sound card: Determines the audio quality
  • Optical drive: Refers to a light reading drive, such as a CD or DVD drive
  • Battery: The rechargeable power source housed inside mobile devices; maximum charge time varies
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