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Samsung Computer Monitor Stands

If you're like a lot of people, you spend a lot of time with a computer, so it's important to make sure that both your health and your computer is protected. A computer monitor stand from Samsung can help prevent eye strain, improve posture by keeping the monitor elevated to an appropriate height, and protect the monitor from harm.

Do these stands work with all types of monitors?

Samsung monitor stands are specially designed for Samsung monitors, and there are often a number of special features that are only accessible when two Samsung products are properly combined. However, a Samsung monitor stand can typically be used as a stand for monitors from a variety of computer manufacturers. These stands also work well in conjunction with many monitor risers.

What kind of monitor stand is offered by Samsung?

There are a wide variety of Samsung monitor stands.

  • Wall-mounted monitor stand setups for flat or curved screens
  • Adjustable desktop, monitor riser, and laptop riser stands
  • One-piece neck- and foot-style adjustable stands with plastic finish
  • Curved stands for a curved computer monitor
  • Refurbished and replacement parts-only stands that can repair critical equipment
How should you set up a monitor for computer gaming?

Eye strain and bad posture are serious risks to anyone who spends a lot of time with computers. Gamers should be careful to get a monitor stand that brings their screens up to the proper height and distance. A monitor riser can be of great assistance in raising the screen to the optimal level. Adjustable stands can place the screen at exactly the right angle for the viewer as well. This is especially important to take full advantage of high-resolution monitors and to play games without limitations imposed by technology. You can use the same setup for everyday word processing or business work as well.

How do these computer monitor stands support the screens?

Several models of Samsung adjustable monitor stands use brackets to attach the display to a vertical surface. This is especially useful for desktop systems. There are laptop risers that use clips and prongs to hold a laptop display in place. There are also purpose-built stands that cradle the display safely as the monitor is placed on a riser, a shelf, or a desktop. Adjustable necks and foot stands allow the user to reposition the display effortlessly and to lock it into position without any trouble.