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Samsung Smart Watches

Smartwatch? Smart Gift: The Samsung Gear Line

Coming from manufacturers like Samsung in series like the Gear Sport line, a smartwatch is basically a touchscreen computer that you wear. Some of these devices feature mobile apps and can function as portable music players, making them popular gadgets appearing under trees for people of all ages. 

What Features Define the Galaxy Gear Line of Samsung Smartwatches?

The Gear S2 and Gear S3 line of Galaxy watches offer a range of features and functions that make them excellent stocking stuffers for almost any user. They come in two distinct types: the Classic and Frontier versions, with the latter model suiting people with active lifestyles. Despite their minor design differences, they offer similar features and functions, including the following:

  • LTE capability allows you to make and receive calls or messages from the unit. Users can add wireless headphones for additional privacy or for quick, one-touch access to apps like Google Assistant.
  • You can customize the virtual watch faces with rotating bezels at will. The watch faces also double as touchscreens through which you can control various functions. They each use durable Gorilla3 and Gorilla GlassSR.
  • The smartwatches feature Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G LTE, GPS/Glonass, MST, and NFC connectivity.
  • You can play MP3, MP4, AAC, OGG, OGA, WAV, AWB, and WMA media files on these devices.
  • You can access sensors for heart rate, wind pressure, motion, location, and light levels.
  • Choose a watch with your choice of leather or active silicon wrist straps.

How Long Does a Full Battery Charge Last?

The Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 has excellent battery life, capable of going up to three days between recharges, depending on usage. Your Gear package should also include the brand’s proprietary wireless charging system, which allows you to simply place your watch on the included stand to initiate.

What Operating Systems Do Samsung Galaxy Gadgets Use?

Tizen is the operating system for these communication devices. While it is not the same thing as Android or iOS, special applications do make them compatible, so you dont have to worry about giving these watches to someone who might not be able to couple them with their phones. A couple simple adjustments, and Tizen can work with Samsung smartphones that use Android operating systems as well as iPhones and similar digital tools.

What Features Exist for the Gear S2 or Gear S3?

Sometimes specificity can be difficult in gifts without clues, especially if you are shopping for someone you do not see often. Galaxy Watches are designed to work with a wide variety of accessories and applications, virtually allowing their users to customize them for however they wish to use them. You can rest easy knowing that when you gift one of these, the specifics are for the recipient to control.

  • The Samsung Pay application uses NFC technology to facilitate shopping.
  • The Gear Manager tool links your watch to your phone.
  • Advanced Tracking for Fitness includes a pedometer, heart rate history data, and a record of water or caffeine intake.
  • The Auto Exercise Tracking function monitors workout activities like running, rowing, cycling, and elliptical.

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