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Use Sewing Machine Bobbins to Make Stitching a Breeze

Many standard sewing machines require the use of sewing machine bobbins. A bobbin serves as an additional spool of thread and is typically used to help reinforce stitches on both sides of a project. On eBay, you can choose from a wide variety of bobbins, depending on the type of sewing machine you own as well as your personal preferences.

What are sewing machine bobbins made of?

Typically speaking, you can purchase either a bobbin made of either plastic or metal. The type of bobbin you use will often depend on the specifications of your sewing machine, so it is important to read the manufacturer's guidelines prior to making a purchase to ensure the bobbin you are considering is compatible.

Can you swap plastic bobbins for metal ones or vice versa?

Typically speaking, your sewing machine is crafted to hold a certain amount of tension in the thread. The tension settings on your sewing machine are typically set based on the type of bobbin the manufacturer used when producing the machine. While there are both plastic and metal bobbins of the same size, interchanging them may cause your sewing machine to malfunction or your stitches to be too loose.

How do you wind a bobbin?

In most cases, your sewing machine will come with a mechanism specifically made for winding bobbins, taking the brunt of the hard work out of your hands and simplifying the process. If you are unsure if your machine has a bobbin winding mechanism, review the owner's manual and manufacturer guidelines to make sure. If the machine does not have a bobbin winder, you should run the thread through the hole at the top of the bobbin and wind the thread tightly around the bobbin until it is full.

Can you use multiple bobbins at once?

Your machine can only use one bobbin at a time, however many people who sew wind multiple bobbins at once and store extra ones in a bobbin case so they can insert them as needed. You may also choose to store bobbins of different colors for a variety of projects.

What are the characteristics of antique bobbins?

Antique bobbins are typically bobbins of a particular size, so it is important to note that you must use the correct bobbin size for your machine. Usually produced in a specific size and made for a specific vintage machine, they may not be compatible with your more recent model.

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