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Shirley Muldowney NHRA Fan Apparel and Souvenirs

Shirley Muldowney NHRA apparel and souvenirs are available for casual and seasoned racing fans. Muldowney began racing in the 1950s in New York. Many of the products that feature this race car driver highlight key moments that happened on and off of the course.

Who is Shirley Muldowney?

Shirley Muldowney is the first woman granted a National Hot Rod Association license, which allowed her to drive a Top Fuel dragster. After her debut in 1958, she went on to win the NHRA's Top Fuel competition three times and also won 18 national NHRA competitions. These victories, along with her status as the first female NHRA racer, earned her the nickname \"First Lady of Drag Racing.\"

What Muldowney fan items are available?

Among Shirley's many drag racing souvenirs, some items you can find include:

  • Muldowney photos and prints: There printed options are available in a variety of formats. Most prints are done on traditional photo paper. Often, photographs that were taken during the 1980s are 8x10 inches or 8.5x11 inches. These shots can be found in black and white or color.
  • Muldowney T-shirts: These can be modeled after the advertisements you find on the vehicles the First Lady of Drag Racing drove. Some also feature the drag racer's signature.
  • Muldowney VHS tapes: These VHS tapes highlight some of the moments key to Muldowney's racing career.
What do the photos depict?

Many of the 8x10 photographs feature dramatic situations and intense moments on a race course. A traditional shot will feature Shirley Muldowney's race car during a race. In these photographs, the photographer captures the smoke and flames as they propel out of key engine components. Photographs that include Shirley Muldowney before and after a race are also available, as are \"behind the scenes\" shots of the drag racer. Some of those images picture her alongside Connie Kalitta, her pit crew chief.

What special edition products are available for fans?

There are a variety of special edition items dedicated to Shirley Muldowney. Such products include:

  • Autographed photos: Autographed photos and other memorabilia are typically secured in a plaque or coated with a laminated material to preserve the signature.
  • Champion post cards and handouts: These can include commemorative items, such as those commemorating the many dragsters Muldowney drove. A few of them feature Funny Car and Last Pass.
  • Toy dragsters: These include replicas of the various vehicles Muldowney drove, including Last Pass.