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March to Your Own Beat With Snare Drums

Snare drums are an integral component of any drum kit. Thanks to their distinctive staccato sound and their high degree of sensitivity, these percussion instruments are used for everything from drum lines to popular music. Drummers of all skill levels and styles can find new, preowned, and used snare drums on eBay that satisfy their musical needs.

What are some different kinds of snare drums?

Snare drums come in a variety of styles and models. Some different kinds of snare drums include:

  • Concert drums: These drums are distinguished by coated batter heads, metal cable snares, and wood shells. Many drummers use a large amount of muffling to achieve the ideal concert sound.
  • Drum sets: These versatile options can be used for many musical genres. They are available in both wood and metal and with a variety of drumhead choices.
  • Marching drums: For marching bands, marching drums are a must as they are designed to hold up to extreme conditions. Kevlar heads help them withstand outdoor use, and free-floating designs keep the shell from being damaged.
  • Field drums: These snare drums are used for percussion ensembles, and they help players achieve old-fashioned military sounds. These distinctive percussive tones are created by large diameters and depths.
  • Pipe band drums: Pipe band styles are distinguished by a second set of snares, which help create a crisp sound.
  • Piccolo drums: These snare drums have small shell sizes, which yield a fast response and a high pitch.
  • Soprano drums: Soprano snares, also known as popcorn snares, are larger than piccolo snares but smaller than your average drum. Thanks to their shallow depth, these drums also produce a high pitch.
  • Mini drums: Mini styles are the smallest snares. They are often no more than 6 inches in diameter, and may feature a two-head or one-head design.
What are the sizes of snare drums?

Snare drums are measured in terms of diameter and depth. Depth generally ranges from 3 inches to 10 inches. Diameter, on the other hand, is more varied, and snare drums are available in these diameter sizes:

  • 6 inches
  • 8 inches
  • 10 inches
  • 12 inches
  • 13 inches
  • 14 inches
  • 15 inches
  • 16 inches
What are some different brands of snare drums?

Snare drums are available in brand names that each have their own distinctive and crisp sound. Some of these brands include:

  • Ludwig
  • DW
  • Pearl
  • Yamaha
  • Gretcsh
  • Tama
  • Mapex
  • Premiere
What are snare drums made of?

Most snare shells are made of wood or metal. Options include:

  • Maple: When maple is used to create snare shells, it delivers a warm tone, an even distribution of frequencies, and a clear sound.
  • Birch: This wood creates a bright, aggressive percussion tone, and it offers excellent projection.
  • Mahogany: For many years, mahogany was the wood of choice for snare shells. This high-end wood option creates warm tones and offers a wide middle range.
  • Beech: Beech is a strong, durable wood that helps players achieve a fat tone.
  • Steel: Snare drums made of steel are notable for their bright tone. They are ideal for players who frequently use rim shots.
  • Aluminum: These drums are dry and crisp, and they have less sustain than other metals.
  • Brass: Brass snares produce a warm tone.