A Basic Guide to Speakon 2-Pole Male Pro Audio Cables, Snakes, and Interconnects

The right speaker cable makes a big difference in your ability to connect audio equipment in a way that maximizes the range and tone of the music. An ideal speaker cable interconnect offers flexibility, durability, and ease of making the necessary connections between audio components. The Speakon 2-pole male pro audio cables, snakes, and interconnects work with multiple makes and models of audio equipment so that you can enjoy a customized home theater or sound system setup.

Plug options for the Speakon cable interconnects

The available plug options on eBay for Speakon cable interconnects include the following:

  • Mono: This configuration works for connecting one speaker to a receiver.
  • Conductor: This is a receptacle for inserting another type of plug. These cables are typically used for lengthening the speakers wiring.
  • Stereo: This type of plug allows for a speaker setup in a stereo audio configuration.
Essentials to look for when buying Speakon cable interconnects

When looking for new or used Speakon cable 2-pole male interconnects on eBay, there are four essential properties to keep in mind. The first is the type of insulating material. These interconnects include PVC and rubber. The second property to consider is the type of connector. There are connects that work with other 2-pole or 4-pole connections or just 2-pole plugs. A third characteristic to consider is the speaker length. They range from 25 to 50 feet. The fourth quality to consider is the gauge of the wire. The options include 12-, 15-, and 18-gauge wire.

Are there compatibility options for Speakon cable interconnects?

A Speakon 2-pole male interconnect offers compatibility with the following:

  • House speaker: It works with center bar, left and right stereo, and subwoofer speakers.
  • Loudspeaker: This cable pairs with a loudspeaker for use in a building.
  • Stage equipment: The cable works with stage equipment such as sound monitors and mixers.
  • Portable speaker: This type of cable works for indoor and outdoor combination and portable speakers.
When should you get a used Speakon 2-pole interconnect cable?

You may want to consider getting a used Speakon cable for:

  • Audio testing: You may want to try different types of cables or connectors for your audio components.
  • Travel: A used cable is a good value if you need portable cables that will only get used once in a while.
  • Vintage equipment: This cable is compatible with vintage audio equipment.
  • Saving money: A used cable is a good value and often costs less than new cables.
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