Split Clothing

Split Clothing is a brand of casual and athletic wear founded in 1988 meant to represent the heritage of action sports like skateboarding and surfing. Split produces everything from coats, sweats, hoodies, and t-shirts to shorts, swimwear, and jeans. Many different alternative lifestyle and sport retailers carry Split brand apparel, which releases different seasonal selections every year. According to Sportswear International, in 2011 Split Clothing was acquired by Life Distribution LLC., best known for the Ambiguous sportswear label.

Whether you love to skateboard and are looking for comfortable clothing to shred rails and half pipes, or are looking for beach-friendly board shorts that are fashion-forward and fast-drying, Split Clothing offers great designs at wallet-friendly prices. Ostensibly, the name refers to the "split" style popular in surf wear shorts.

How Is Split Clothing Manufactured?

Split Clothing emphasizes custom fits, high quality fabrics and materials, and unparalleled attention to detail. Many of their shorts have the iconic side split popularized by surfboard shorts and swim trunks.

  • U.S.A.-based original designers are sourced to develop concept, design, and development of graphic apparel. In some cases, original designers, such as Mike Morton, were hired to design again for Split Clothings relaunch after its 2011 acquisition.
  • Most Split Clothing items are manufactured via Life Distribution LLC.-sourced manufacturers in China, and include woven wear, shorts, jackets, denim, fleece, cotton and knit.
  • From these manufacturers, the clothing is distributed to retailers split between North America, Europe, and South America.

What Are Popular Split Clothing Styles?

Split brand clothing has retained its iconic look since the peak of its popularity in the 2000s. Among its most recognizable styles are the following:

  • Chambray shirts. These Split woven button-ups have been popular among skateboarders for decades, and are slightly thicker than most button-ups, allowing for slightly more protection from road rash during falls.
  • Dip-dyed clothing is dipped into dyes, do that different parts of the garment each have a different color without using different stitched panels. This provides a unique look with maximum comfort.
  • Vintage washes are also very popular with clothing from this brand. This means that garments, especially shirts, are artificially aged for a retro or vintage look.
  • Pop art inspired graphic t-shirts. Many t-shirts by this brand are graphic tees, meaning various printing methods place bold designs on the front or back of shirts. Many of these are creative riffs on popular logos, movie posters, and icons.
  • Repeating designs popular in these sport communities are very common, including jacquard patterns, checks, paisley, plaid, and horizontal bars.
  • Tie dyes, especially on shirts, pullovers, boardshorts, and beachwear, are also very common.

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