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Stylist Manicure Tables

Choose a Stylist Manicure Table for Business or Personal Use

A good manicure table is a must for any stylist business. These tables are also suitable for personal use. On eBay, you can find a stylist manicure table to meet your needs.

Manicure tables with storage

As you are giving manicures, you will want to have everything right at your fingertips. This is possible if your manicure table has storage, which comes in different forms. Some manicure nail tables come with drawers on one side. Other tables have storage on both sides. Some not only have storage on both sides, but they also come with trolley carts with additional space. Still others come with nail carts complete with shelves.

Another type of storage is provided by the 360 styling manicure table. This storage system has 12 drawers on rollers that can be turned 360 degrees for easy access.

What accessories come with the nail tables?

Accessories that come with some nail tables include:

  • Wrist cushions: Many contemporary manicure tables come with a wrist cushion to hold the hands at a comfortable angle.
  • Dust collectors: Tables can also be found with a dust collector to help keep the table clean while you work.
  • Carrying bags/cases: Many of the tables are portable and foldable. They come with a bag to carry them in.
  • Racks and drying stations: Some tables can be purchased with accessory furniture, such as a nail polish rack or a nail dry station.
Styles and colors of nail tables

Colors to choose from include black, white, brown, and gray. A few can be purchased with a glass top. Some tables feature clean, angular lines, and these are the ones that are most likely to have drawers made into them. Others have an updated appearance with a curved table top. These are generally foldable with a bag for easy storage. They can be made of plastic, metal, or both, depending on the type. Most of the nail tables have wheels for easy movement but can also lock for stability when in use. They can be purchased in either new or used condition.

What are the dimensions of the manicure tables?

The tables ranges from 26.7 inches to about 30 inches in height. The sizes of the table tops range from about 20 inches to 44 inches in length. Width can be anywhere from 15 inches to 17 inches. See the manufacturer site for details.