Table Tennis Paddles

Enjoy a Round of Fun With Table Tennis Paddles

When you want to take your game to the next level, you can invest in table tennis paddles like the pros use. The construction of the paddle and handle can have a big impact on your game. Your experience level and other factors go into choosing the perfect one.

How do you hold the paddle?

Before selecting table tennis paddles from the wide array on eBay, you need to think about how you hold one. If you hold the handle in the same way that you would grasp a person's hand, you have a shakehand grip. Those who use a penhold grip wrap their middle and pointer fingers around the handle. Shakehand paddles typically have a larger handle than penhold paddles do.

What type of blade do you need?

Table tennis players refer to the section that hits the ball as the blade. Most players need a paddle with a blade of five or more layers. Those layers can include wood, metal, and composite materials that put more force behind your swing. Those who prefer playing defense rather than offense can use a wooden paddle. The layers of wood absorb the force from the ball and lower its speed. Metal paddles are lightweight but can let more of the speed and force behind the ball vibrate through your hand.

How much and what type of rubber do you need?

New and vintage ping-pong paddles have a rubber exterior that helps the ball slide off without sticking. Some types of rubber are stickier and feel tacky to the touch. They can reduce the speed of the ball and give you more control over the game. Serious players who can keep up with the action prefer softer rubber paddles. The paddles do not interfere with the speed of the ball and can help you finish a game faster.

Why would you need a complete set?

A complete set comes with everything you need to play table tennis at home. Not only do you get a new paddle, but you'll often get a second paddle for your opponent. As both paddles have the same design, the game relies on skill and not who has better equipment. Some of the other accessories and tools that might come in a complete set include:

  • Replacement webbing or nets for your table
  • New lightweight balls
  • Carrying cases
  • Repair kits
  • New rubberized grips for the handles