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Table Tennis Sets for Home Tournaments

With table tennis sets, you get everything you need to host competitions and tournaments at home. While you can replace your old net with a new one, you can also opt for a complete set. This turns any table into one suitable for a table tennis match. You'll find table tennis tables available, too.

What comes in a complete set?

With table tennis sets, you can choose a basic set or one that includes everything you might need. A complete set can work as a replacement for the net you currently have. Many will work with existing tables as well. Some of the products that come in the set include:

  • Replacement table tennis nets
  • New balls
  • Clips for securing the net to the table
  • Table tennis paddles
  • Organizer or carrying case
How do you install a table-top net?

If you have a ping pong table, you can easily install a new net. You need to locate the brackets on the top and sides of the table first. These are the parts that hold the net in place. Carefully slip the pocket of the net over the bracket and secure it in place with a clip. You will then stretch the net across the table and slide the other pocket over the bracket. The other clips that come in the set will secure it to the table. If you buy a set designed for table-top matches, you will get a net that has clips on the bottom of each side. You can set the net on the table and spread it fully across the surface. Then slip the clips under the table to keep it from tipping over as you play. Each model may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

What should you look for in a table tennis table?

Some of the sets that you can now buy include both the accessories for playing and the table itself. You can choose from tables designed for indoor or outdoor use. The things you should look for in a replacement table include:

  • How easily you can set up and use the table
  • The size of the table to see whether it fits in your space and works with the height of each player
  • Whether it has any protective coating to keep outdoor tables safe from sun and weather damage
  • If the table is lightweight enough that you can set it up on your own
  • The surface and how much bounce it gives the balls