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Increase Your Fun With Your Own Table Tennis Table

Whether you play ping pong for fun or you play competitively, you may want to practice your skills on an outdoor ping pong table. Enjoying the sunshine while playing your favorite sport is a dream come true for many ping pong enthusiasts. You can get more practice in with a new or used table tennis table from eBay.

Can an indoor table be used outside?

The biggest difference between a ping pong table slated for use inside and one made to be used outside is in the construction materials. An outdoor table is made to withstand the outdoor weather. Indoor tables are normally made of wood whereas outdoor tables are made from wood and metal or from a composite material. An outdoor table is also coated with a protective surface, so it is able to be outside in the weather elements. In addition, the frame is generally sturdier. Putting an indoor table outside can damage both the frame and the tabletop.

Do outdoor ping pong tables fold up?

Most of the time, an outdoor ping pong table will come with the option to fold one half of the table up. This option can be utilized as a space-saving technique. In addition, when the other side of the table folds up, you can then play ping pong by yourself. As with all sports, practicing often is the key to becoming a better ping pong player. If you dont have anyone around to play with, fold up the table and practice your skills by yourself.

Available sizes of outdoor ping pong tables

Outdoor ping pong tables come in a variety of sizes. Tournament size is 9 feet by 5 feet. You can certainly find this size as an outdoor table. There are also smaller tables that can be used outside and those that are made to be portable. The width of the table stays consistent, but the length can be different. See the manufacturer site for details. The most common table lengths are:

  • 5 feet
  • 8 feet
  • 9 feet
Purchasing a used ping pong table

There are many affordable options on eBay for a used outdoor ping pong table. This can save you money if you wish to have a table to play casually and not competitively. A used table can be worn in different areas on the top of the table. While this is not an issue for home users, team players who practice at home may not play the same in a tournament where the tables are newer.