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Tacx Bicycle Trainers and Rollers

Tacx bicycle trainers and rollers are designed to help people ride and train indoors on their regular outdoor bicycle. The trainers are built to hold a bicycle in place on rollers while a person rides it, allowing you to have a indoor stationery bicycle when necessary. Here are somethings to know about Tacx bicycle trainers that might be helpful when deciding which one is right for you.

How do bike trainers work?

Bicycle trainers use a frame that holds the outdoor bike upright and the front tire in place. The back tire is placed on a set of rollers that are thinner in the middle than on the edges. This slight dip to the middle is designed to keep the back wheel on the bike centered while riding. The space between the rollers can be adjusted to fit different-sized tires.

As the back tire spins around, the resistance of the rollers can be changed to increase and decrease the force a rider has to exert to pedal. Tacx trainers use magnetic force to provide resistance. Some models have the resistance mechanism enclosed, which makes the trainer quiet. Manual resistance controls have 7 to 10 levels, depending on the model. Most are operated by a lever that attaches to the bicycle’s handlebars, so the resistance levels can be changed at any time.

Some models use a swing system that allows the rollers to rock back and forward slightly when the cycling pace suddenly changes. The swing system is designed to absorb the motion of the bicycle as the speed changes to help the rider maintain their balance.

The footprint of the rollers is about 53 inches by 19 inches. The fooprint can be shortened to about 31.5 inches when storing or transporting a Tacx bicycle trainer.

Can Tacx trainers be used with smartphone apps?

Some models have smart technology. A smart trainer, depending on the model, can be synced with various devices to provide data on the speed, power, and pedaling cadence of the rider. The interactive trainers go a step further. These smart trainers can connect to wireless devices that control the resistance levels according to programmed training routines.

How big is a Tacx trainer?

The footprint of most Tacx trainers is about 27 inches by 26 inches. They are about 16 inches tall and can be folded down into a dimension of about 22 inches by 16 inches by 10 inches when storing in a room. Most models come with a front wheel support that may increase the footprint a little.

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