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Technics Record Player, Turntable Platter Mats

How to Select a Quality Turntable Platter Mat

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to cite for record collections. From the fastidiousness of sound quality to the reason of "owning a vinyl record is cool." So there is a constant hunt for quality turntables platters mats to play records on.

But with all the various models available, it can be challenging to select a quality unit. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

What are the primary uses for turntable platter mats?

Technics mats such as the SL-1200G, SL-1200GAE, or the twin-rotor are used for three purposes:

  • Slip-cueing - This refers to the technique of holding the vinyl still while the platter is rotating underneath it. This method results in acceleration of speed. The Technics mat acts as a buffer between the platter and the vinyl disk, allowing the user to keep a steady flow of music. Its ideal for club scenes and erasing long pauses between songs
  • Scratching - This is where the user moves the vinyl disk back and forth on a turntable. It enables the user to add his/her sound in between songs.
  • Beatmatching - Much like slip-cueing, the technique is designed to keep the music and the beat flowing. The method reduces friction between a Techniques platter and the tonearm tracks.

What should I look for in a platter mat?

The materials used on turntable mats vary extensively depending on the vendors. Always avoid:

  • Velvet material - This material tends to gather dust very fast and tough to clean. It also reduces the quality of sound.
  • Rubber - Rubber material tends to be a bit slippery, which might cause damage when handling your vinyl disks.

Simply put, the material you choose should be of medium thickness and soft - it should be slippery enough to allow the mat the slip over the vinyl, but not too slippery that it cannot grip it at all.

How do I use a Technics platter mat?

Utilizing a platter mat such as the Technics 1200 Turntables, the Technics SL1200, or the Technics 1200 is pretty straightforward.

  • DJs - For DJs, place the platter mat over the turntable then put the record on top of the slip mat. You will be able to employ the stacking technique (this is where you can place multiple disks on top of each other and play the top ones without damaging the discs underneath. It also helps access the next one faster, enabling you to save time when changing artists.
  • Non-DJs - Although these mats are commonly used by DJs to better their techniques, non-DJs can use them as well to keep dust away from your disks.

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