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Tenga Sex Toys

Tenga, a Japanese-based company that was formed in 2006, manufactures sex toys for men. Its founder, Mr. Matsumoto, cites that the toys incorporate ergonomic and anatomically appropriate designs for sensual stimulation for men.

What different types of sex toys does Tenga produce?
  • Onacups: The onacups’ interior is made of silicone. It connects with the outside through a one-way valve and the air hole to create a virtual vacuum. You can create your level of suction by covering and uncovering the hole.
  • Air tech vacuum cup: This vacuum cup is an upgraded version of the onacups sex toy. It provides suction and texture for solo or couple masturbation. This sex toy does not have an inner sponge. It features various series such as black, red, white, and silver. The black category is firm and has a dynamic internal detailing for an intense sensation, while the white one features a smooth interior for a soft sensation. The red series is designed for regular arousal, while silver comes with a case and an internal gel that is 1.2 times bigger than its counterparts. It also has more pronounced ridges and bumps.
  • The flip-hole masturbator: The flip-hole masturbator does not need an erect penis to use it. Instead of imitating the look and feel of a vagina, the flip-hole masturbator features a three-button operation to help you control the pressure. It comes in black, silver, red, and white varieties. The silver model has angles and firm edges, while the red version has gentle ridges and small nubbins that are designed to target the head of the penis. The white and black models are intended to provide a tight fit, but the black one features maze-like cross sections for arousal.
  • Tenga eggs: This toy is made of stretchy materials and is intended to fit any size penis. The material is soft and spreads over the penis head and shaft. Tenga eggs come in different varieties such as silky, ridged, and nodule.
  • Tenga 3-D masturbators: This toy is made of flexible antibacterial elastomer and features a textured surface. You can choose between Zen which has spiral perfection, and Spiral which provides a ribbed sensation.
Should you wear a condom when using the Tenga egg?

The Tenga egg sex toys have been designed for use without a condom. Consequently, the manufacturer has not used products like chloride or vinyl.

Are the sex toys reusable?

Tenga egg and cup sex toys are designed for one-time use for stimulation without a condom. Men looking for reusable devices should consider buying Tenga's Flip, Air-tech, and 3-D sex toys.

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