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How to Pick the Right TheraBand Resistance Band or Trainers

Resistance band training provides a means for people to work on personal physical conditioning. TheraBand resistance trainers are versatile and adapted to different fitness goals and abilities. These resistance bands are used in fitness gyms, rehabilitation facilities, and at home.

What material is used to make TheraBands?

Latex is a common material used to make these resistance exercise bands. Latex provides a solid resistance for strength and rehabilitation exercises. As long as the bands are properly stored and cared for, the latex material shouldn't crack or otherwise suffer damage.

Non-latex versions of these same TheraBand products exist as well. Those unable to work out with latex rubber equipment can look towards latex-free options as alternatives.

For what activities can you use TheraBand loops?

The bands may be used with a number of unique exercises and several different activities. Basic resistance exercise training in which the bands take the place of traditional dumbbells would be a common usage. Both Pilates and yoga, for example, present workout conditions in which the bands play a role. These latex loops are also prominently used in physical therapy sessions for those in need of rehabilitation.

What amount of resistance is generated by the bands?

The level of resistance depends on the color of the specific TheraBand selected. The levels of strength from low to high are reflected in the colors tan, yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver, and gold. With a black band, users enter into the high tension range as 100% elongation delivers 7.3 pounds of force.

Those working out with the bands should choose the level of resistance most appropriate for their current fitness and conditioning levels. Increasing resistance and enhanced performance ability usually increases with consistent workouts.

Are there handles available for use with TheraBands?

There are TheraBand handle accessories that can be purchased and affixed to the tube resistance bands. Handles are a good option for those that need more grip. Another handle type available is similar to a pulley. The pulley handles are similar to those used on equipment commonly found in fitness gyms.

What TheraBand should a beginner start with?

Those who have never worked with a resistance band before may want to start off with a beginner band. TheraBand color codes resistance bands to make it obvious which equipment has the slightest and the most resistance. Beginner resistance band users should start with tan-colored equipment.

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