Choose a Tivoli Audio Electronic for Your Listening Needs

Tivoli Audio is an audio equipment company that manufactures hi-fi radios and speakers. You can use one of their alarm clock radios to no longer rely on your smartphone to wake you up in the morning while letting it double as a hi-fi music player for your room. eBay has new and used Tivoli Audio products available at affordable prices.

What are some options in alarm clock radios?

As a manufacturer of AM/FM radios, Tivoli Audio has several options in alarm clock radios, such as the Music System Three, the Music System BT, and the Model Three BT. The Music System Three features Bluetooth connectivity, an auxiliary input, and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. When you search through radio stations on the alarm clock radio, it automatically tunes. With the included remote control, you can save your favorite stations as presets.

The Music System BT is built with separate amplifiers, rear bass ports, and custom drivers for sound quality. This alarm clock also features a backup battery, a sleep timer, a remote control, dual independent alarms, and Bluetooth connectivity. The Model Three BT is characterized by hi-fi sound, a distinguished design, Bluetooth connectivity, and an auxiliary input. Its available in numerous colors and natural wood cabinet combinations, such as cherry wood and metallic taupe, walnut wood and beige, and black ash wood and silver.

What are common features of the brands products?

Common features of this brands audio products include:

  • Bluetooth compatibility: A lot of their AM/FM radios and speakers come with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can wirelessly connect them to a Bluetooth device.
  • CD player: Some of their products have a CD player that you can use to play any CDs you may have.
  • Wi-Fi: Many Tivoli Audio products allow a Wi-Fi connection, so you can play music from your smartphone on the radio or speaker without wired connections.
What other types of products does Tivoli Audio manufacture?

Although Tivoli Audio specializes in AM/FM radios, the brand also manufactures portable speakers, such as Cube and Sphera. As its name suggests, Cube is a cube-shaped Wi-Fi speaker. You can play music on it through a Bluetooth device or the Tivoli Audio Wireless app. Cube is a mono speaker, but you can turn it into a stereo system by buying two of the speakers and setting them up as stereo speakers through the app. Sphera is a circular-shaped, Wi-Fi speaker that you can either hang on the wall or set up on a stand. Like the Cube, you can connect it to a Bluetooth device or the Tivoli Audio Wireless app. One Sphera delivers mono sound whereas two can be set up through the app as stereo speakers.

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