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Toshiba External Hard Drives

Toshiba has produced different types of hardware for the computer market. The company's external hard drive units – particularly the Toshiba Canvio – have automated backup features. Because of the different features in these hard drives, you may choose according to portability, size of the drive, or the amount of storage available in the drive.

Why use a Toshiba external hard drive?

An external hard drive comes with versatile benefits, and described below are the different hard drive features:

  • Portability – External hard drives can be taken anywhere and connected to a desktop or laptop. Keeping software and files on a Toshiba device allows for accessing them anywhere. These hard drive units are compatible with Windows desktops.
  • No internet necessary – When the internet goes out, accessing online accounts becomes a problem. However, an external Toshiba hard drive doesn't require any internet access. Just connect it to a computer with the appropriate cable and you can access the data on it.
  • Added storage – A portable Canvio hard drive can plug right into the unit and greatly expand the storage capacity. Simply plugging in the USB cables and following the Toshiba Canvio Basics installation instructions allows it to add at least 500GB of storage to your computer.
How do you connect the Toshiba external hard drive?

A Canvio or other external hard drive connects easily with a USB. Two USB plugs may be required. One USB connects the desktop to the Toshiba Canvio and the other powers the drive. The drive powers up immediately and the Canvio sets to work backing up your files. On your Windows desktop, look for the icon for the connected Canvio. Click on the icon for the external hard drive to open it.

How much storage is there?

The storage amounts on the each Canvio system vary. A Canvio Basics drive comes with 3 TB and another Toshiba drive may come with 500 GB. Some can even come with as much as 6 TB of storage. If you work with advanced software programs, you may need a high-capacity hard drive. If you work with PDF or Word documents, on the other hand, 500 GB may be more than enough.

Can you run a virus scan in a Toshiba Canvio?

The same anti-virus program that scans your desktop can be used to scan a compatible hard drive. Plug the Toshiba Canvio in and run a virus scan on the drive. How you run a virus scan can differ between anti-virus suites, so be sure to consult your anti-virus's manufacturer for additional information.