Colecionáveis de transporte

Transportation Collectibles

What are the different vintage license plates sets that you can collect?

Era, state, foreign, and motorcycle are just a few license plates sets that collectors can select from. Era plates typically focus on a specific decade or even year. For example, some collectors specialize in license plates from their year of birth. State plates center on a particular state within the country. However, there is also the option to collect one plate from all 50 states. A foreign license plate collection consists of items from all over the world. Some sets may contain a plate from each country, or even each province within a specific country in some cases. Motorcycle sets can feature plates from a certain state, year, or country. They are smaller than auto plates, which often makes them easier to put on display and store.

What are the factors to consider when selecting a model airplane?

Materials, era, and category are all important considerations when selecting a model airplane for a collection. Ideally, the plane should consist of sturdy, high-quality materials with minimal damage. Planes that feature wood or canvas components should be free of tears or rips, as well as small burrowing holes that may indicate the presence of wood mites. Unless the existing collection is eclectic, the model airplane should fit into the proper era. For example, a replica of a plane dating back to 1916 is ideal for a World War I collection. Lastly, the category pertains to the design and type of plane. Military and commercial aircraft are two such examples, as well as historic planes with famous pilots, like the Red Baron or Wright Brothers.