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Traxxas Hobby RC Model Vehicle Parts and Accessories

Traxxas is an American company based in McKinney, Texas. This company manufactures a large line of RC replica vehicles. Find parts for your RC vehicle within this enormous collection.

What is a hobby RC model vehicle?

An RC model vehicle is a small vehicle that looks like a real vehicle. These vehicles are not made to admit passengers, and instead, they are controlled by remote with a handheld device. These cars can be made to look like sedans, SUVs, trucks, sports cars, or other types of vehicles. They run off of battery power, and they can be augmented and upgraded in a variety of ways. Some enthusiasts even hold races in which they pit different models of these cars against each other.

What replacement parts and accessories does this brand offer?

This company manufactures a variety of different replacement parts and accessories for these vehicles. Some examples include:

  • Remote controls: These devices are used to control these model cars from a distance. They are usually black in color, and they are powered by batteries. They consist of a central trigger that is used to control the speed of the vehicle, and additional controls are used to control the direction of the car.
  • Motors: These are the parts of these replica vehicles that cause the vehicles to move. These parts usually consist of a metal cylinder with a single pole extending from the center of the cylinder. These parts can be replaced if an issue develops with the original motor.
  • Batteries: These model vehicles operate by battery power. These batteries are usually installed at the bottom of the car to ensure easy access. These batteries can be interchanged on the go if the original battery runs out of juice.
  • Racing engines: These engines are installed in place of the factory-installed motor. These engines take up more power, but they also propel the model vehicle forward at greater speed.
  • LED light kits: LED lights can be installed on the bottom of your model vehicle. These lights create a diffused glow that can be modulated to show different colors.
How do you use a remote control by this brand?

Follow these steps to use a remote control with your replica hobby car or truck:

  • Turn on the model car by flipping the switch on the bottom of the vehicle to the "ON" position.
  • Turn on the remote control. If this is the first time that you have connected a remote to your vehicle, press and hold the red button on the side marked "Connect."
  • Once the remote has connected, the car will automatically respond to buttons pressed on the remote.
  • Alternatively, you can control your model car with an app on your smartphone.
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