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Trophy Ridge Archery Sights

If you are looking for a quality archery sight, there is a wide variety of available options. When you are hunting or shooting, the sight you choose to attach to your bow can improve your aim. Understanding how to pick a good sight and what type of sights will fit your specific applications is important.

What are factors to consider when purchasing a bow?

A hunter or recreational archer will want a worthy sight. A bow sight is one of the important accessories available for bow hunters.

  • Choose an archery sight that is easy to adjust. This will help you get a better shot and have more accurate aim without being distracted by constant readjustment issues.
  • Decide if you will be long-distance shooting, entering competitions, or hunting. The way you will be using your bow will impact the kind of scope that you should choose.
What are some of the different types of sights?
  • Fixed pin: These are easy to adjust and fairly simple to use. They are used for a variety of applications, including hunting and target practice. They are usually used for short-range shooting, but some fixed pin sights can stay accurate even at longer distances.
  • Movable pin sights: This type of bow sight usually contains a single pin and is used for long-distance shots. Some of these sights come with a pendulum and are designed to be shot at a vertical angle.
  • Competition archery sights: These sights can be more complicated to use but provide accuracy. Bow sights of this kind are usually not designed for hunting. They can come with many additions like laser lights and scope points.
What are the specifics of Trophy Ridge archery sights?
  • They are constructed of many different materials. Ballistix copolymer coating, aluminum, and fiberglass are just a few examples of the materials Trophy Ridge uses in the construction of their tools and accessories.
  • They come in a wide range of sizes, bow fittings, and styles. Multiple or single pin, long, or short range are all options.
  • They can be mounted in a variety of positions.
  • Common accessories include lights for low-light situations, scopes, and lasers.
  • Trophy Ridge accessories can be attached either right-handed or left-handed.
How do you adjust a bow sight?

If your bow is shooting to the right, move the sight block to the right by following the arrow. If you are hitting to the left, then follow the arrows and move the sight block to the left. Adjust elevation by moving the individual sight pins. If arrows are hitting below the target, raise the point of impact by moving the pin down.

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