Twin Duvet Covers & Bedding Sets

Twin Duvet Covers & Bedding Sets

Transform your bed into your own cozy, personal resort with the right bedding and duvet. Comfort and style are at your fingertips with so many choices in fabric, size, and patterns. Finding a duvet cover and bedding to suit your décor is easy to do.

What is a duvet cover set?
  • Pillowcase - A set may contain one or more pillowcases or shams for pillows matching the size of your bed.
  • Top sheet: A soft, flat sheet may be included with your duvet cover set or bedding set.
  • Fitted sheet: If you purchase any set, whether its a bedding or duvet cover set, a fitted sheet that fits snugly around your mattress will usually be included.
  • Duvet cover: A duvet is a plain comforter that covers your whole bed. Its tucked into a duvet cover to allow for easy washing and style changes. One duvet cover will be included in your duvet set.
What size bedding or duvet cover set should I get?

The size of the set that you purchase should be determined by the size of your mattress and comforter. Both can be sized according to these measurements:

  • Twin/Single: 38 by 74-½ inches
  • Long: 38 by 79-½ inches
  • Double/Full: 53 by 74-½ inches
  • Queen: 60 by 79-½ inches
  • King: 76 by 79-½ inches
How do I choose a twin bedding set?

To select a bedding set, consider these steps:

  • Choose a textile: Your options include flannel, cotton, linen, and microfiber.
  • Choose a weave: Cotton is a soft and versatile fabric. Its texture is determined by its weave. Your preference might be the luxury of jacquard, sateen, damask, or percale.
  • Choose a pattern: Your bedding can match your style. Find solid colors, like basic white, or designs such as stripe, floral, embroidered, or geometric.
What are the types of cotton for bedding?

Classic, solid-white cotton bedding has its charm, but there are plenty of other duvet choices that can express your personal taste with fresh patterns.

Here are some of the fabric finishes you might encounter:

  • Percale: It feels crisp and weighty even fresh out of the wash.
  • Sateen: Designs on this fabric take on a satin finish. Its delicate and smooth.
  • Jacquard: This is a distinctive weave that appears to be embroidered. Its a great choice for quilts and pillows.
  • Flannel: A process called napping makes it fuzzy and warm.
  • Damask: Its woven so that both sides of your duvet will take on the same stripe or pattern of your choice.
  • Linen: Surprisingly, linen is not cotton. Its distinct, heavy feel comes from a different plant altogether.