Twin Size Mattresses

How to Choose the Right Twin Size Mattress

You found just the right twin bed for your guest room, but youre struggling with all the many available mattress types. Looking for a twin mattress doesnt have to be overwhelming, though there are many types available at different price points, so a mattress store can be confusing. Youll want to look for a mattress or mattress set that fits your needs and has the features you desire, making a good nights sleep not far away.

What Are the Types of Mattresses?

The material a mattress is made from can change the way it feels. Some materials may work better if you get hot at night or if you have back issues and need added support in that area. Remember to check materials and mattress types to ensure youre getting the perfect one for your body type and specific needs.

  • A twin memory-foam mattress is made of a type of foam that conforms to your body. This means that after you use it a few times, it will specifically mold to your body shape. They come in densities that vary from soft to firm and help to evenly distribute your body weight and take the pressure off your back and other sensitive areas, though they may retain heat.
  • Innerspring twin mattresses are the type that has coils inside and is generally the most-used type of mattress. Theyre flexible for comfort, and they dont retain heat, so you stay cool at night, even if your room is warm. There are numerous options, as you can select a firm or plush-style mattress, and some even have a memory foam or gel topper. 
  • Gel-foam twin mattresses differ from memory foam, as they have heat-wicking properties to keep the mattress cool. Gel beads in the mattress provide support and create comfort due to a higher mattress density.

What Are Some Twin Mattress Brands?

After you select a twin mattress type and comfort level (such as firm, plush, or pillow top), you can select from a variety of well-known mattress brands. A good mattress should last up to 10 years, so be sure to buy a reputable brand for most effective results. 

  • Serta creates a variety of mattress types, including pillow top, plush, and support mattresses, such as the Sertapedic orthopedic mattress.
  • Another brand to consider is Sealy, which makes Eurotop styles as well as firm and plush options when youre looking for a twin mattress. They also create twin memory-foam options. 
  • A Beautyrest Silver mattress is a hybrid mattress. This means that two types of technology combine to create a twin-coil and memory-foam design that uses both types for added comfort and support while you sleep. This twin mattress also stays cool with DualCool features.

What Are Some Features of Mattresses?

Aside from comfort, there may be other features that youre looking for as you shop for a twin mattress.

  • Sleepers with allergies may desire a twin hypoallergenic mattress. 
  • A waterproof option may be a good twin-size mattress choice for young children. 
  • A double-sided design means you can flip your twin mattress and get the same benefits from both sides.