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Victoria's Secret Tankinis for Women

Victorias Secret Tankinis for Women

Founded in 1977, Victorias Secret has offered women a range lingerie and swimwear, making it possible to wear sexy lingerie every day and not just on special occasions. Victorias Secret, known for its lingerie, exercise wear, and swimwear, offers tankinis in a variety of colors, patterns, styles, and sizes.

Do they make Victorias Secret tankinis with bra sizing?

Swimwear with tank tops and bikini or brief bottoms are available from Victorias Secret with different bra sizing. Cupped, padded, soft, underwire, and push-up swimwear tops with bra sizing are available in D, DD, and E cups, with band sizing starting at 30 ranging to 44. Victorias Secret swim bra-styled tank tops may be mixed or matched with a variety of bottoms offering coverage for the rear, hip, or stomach. Some of the brands tank tops are halter styles with no underwires and alpha sizing (XS through XL).

Does Victorias Secret offer tank swim tops in longer lengths?

Having a longer top covering the stomach, back, and rear is one reason women with longer torsos may choose a tankini over a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit. A number of Victorias Secret swim tank tops measure longer than 17.5 inches from under the bust to the hip. Some tops will be identified as "long" or are designed to cover the hips and rear.

What types of bottoms are there from Victorias Secret?

Swimmers may choose tank tops and separate bottoms to have an alternative look to the traditional bikini. Victorias Secret swimwear briefs cover the stomach, usually fitting at the natural waist, and offer fuller coverage of the rear, hips, and thighs. Boy shorts and full-waist retro briefs offer additional coverage. Swimsuit skirts may also be combined with tank tops for a flowing look and increased coverage.

Are there high-neck Victorias Secret swimsuit tank tops?

High-neck bathing suit tops were introduced to provide a fashion alternative to halters, and they also offer increased coverage and support for fuller bustlines and figures. VS swim tank tops are available in the brands full range of colors, patterns, and styles.

Which sizes of Victorias Secret tankini are offered?

Victorias Secret Pink swimsuit tops are sold in bra sizes starting at 30AA ranging to 40DDD. Alternative alpha sizing in the Pink swimwear range includes XXS (30AA) to XL (40D). Bottoms fit size 0, or a 34.5 inch hip to size 16, fitting a 44.5-inch hip. Non-Pink brand VS swimsuit tank tops may be available in band sizes up to 44 and DDD cup sizes.

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