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Hitting the Slopes With a Vintage Ski Suit

Those looking for a vintage ski suit will find a vast and affordable selection of them on eBay. From ones in a solid color to those showcasing bold prints, there are options available for both men and women. Before purchasing a vintage ski suit on eBay, however, keep reading for information that can help you choose one that has all the retro appeal you desire.

Are all vintage ski suits previously worn?

No, not all vintage ski suits available on eBay have been previously worn. Although previously on the market for sale, there are some vintage ski suits that still have tags on them and some without tags not previously worn. It's also possible to find pre-owned vintage ski suits that are still in fabulous shape, even if they've previously made an appearance on the slopes.

Buying a vintage ski suit in your size

When you're buying a vintage ski suit, you may need to rely on more than the size you think you'll need. While you can use that as a guideline while shopping on eBay, you may want to review the specific measurements in each listing. Compare your measurements to those in the description of each ski suit you consider. If there aren't any measurements listed, it's ideal to ask for those before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.

Is there a style benefit to a vintage ski suit?

Some might consider one of the biggest style benefits being able to wear a unique, fantastic ensemble that brings back memories of past fashions the way they were during a specific decade. It's also unlikely that anyone else on the slopes at the time will have on the same true vintage ski suit outfit in the same style.

Tips for buying a pre-owned vintage ski suit

After being attracted by the overall style and noticing the brand and measurements, there are a few other tips you may want to keep in mind while shopping. Tips include:

  • Read about the condition of the item: Consider if the ski suit has zippers that function properly or flap pockets with buttons as well as working adjustable straps.
  • Take note of the material of the suit: If it's not specified, consider asking for clarification about what materials make up the suit.
  • Check for information on the pockets: Determine how many there are and their location for convenience purposes.
  • Review each picture carefully: That allows you to get a better idea of what you'll receive.