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Wholesale Wedding Supplies

Whether you are planning a large wedding for yourself or planning events for clients, you will need lots of wedding favors and party supplies, perhaps more than you initially thought. You do not want to get caught short-handed on flowers, table covers, or other party decor. Consider looking at wholesale wedding supplies, as they will give you more than enough items even if you get surprise guests.

What wholesale supplies will you need for a wedding?

Depending on the size and style of your wedding, you may need several types of decorations, or you may need a lesser amount. Common supplies and wholesale party needs include

  • Favor bags: If you are planning on giving out wedding favors, you will need bags to place them in. These wedding supplies can be as simple as small paper bags or as creative as cellophane wrapping bags.
  • Table covers: You will want colorful covers to protect the tables from water, food, and other items that could cause damage. Consider the age and number of attendees when picking this decoration.
  • Floral arrangements: If your wedding is in the winter, fear not. Wedding supplies such as small floral touches and colorful faux flowers can make any environment feel like spring.
  • Centerpieces: You can consider using flowers as the centerpiece. A simple piece of decor in the center of the table draws the guests' eyes and helps make the event look more professional.
What materials are wholesale chair sashes made of?

Common materials for wholesale chair sashes include taffeta, nylon, organza, satin, or lace. You will want to consider how often the sash will be used and how many you will need when picking the material. If you need to use a sash only once, the choice of material will not be as important as it would be if it is intended for use by multiple clients.

Are LED and other party lights waterproof?

If your wedding and reception are outside, look for wedding supplies such as LED and tea lights that are waterproof, so you can be sure of having working items even in the event of rain. If you are looking for a crafty decoration idea, you can submerge the lights into a container, creating a simply made colorful aura.

What supplies are good for the bridesmaids and groomsmen?

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are a key part of your wedding. Show them how grateful you are with special wedding favors and gifts just for them. You could include special picture frames with photos from the rehearsal dinner, or perhaps a special bottle of champagne. You can use the wedding supplies to specially craft something that will put a smile on their faces and remind them of your special day.