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Stay Connected With a Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse allows you to utilize a mouse while on the go without being bothered by connecting additional wires. eBay offers a wide variety of wireless mice with free shipping. It is essential to know the features available so that you can purchase the right wireless mouse for you.

Can you connect a mouse to more than one device?

Yes, some wireless mice allow you to connect to more than one device at a time. These types of mice typically involve both a USB receiver and a Bluetooth connection. This is so you can insert the USB receiver into the USB port on a laptop or computer while utilizing the wireless mouse for another device, such as a tablet.

How do you choose a wireless mouse?

Select a wireless mouse based on your intended use. For someone with a laptop or desktop, you would want to select a traditional wireless mouse. A wireless mouse with Bluetooth is ideal for someone who plans on connecting the mouse to a smartphone or tablet, as these electronics do not have a USB port. If you plan on using both or you would like to use your mouse on more than one device, look for a wireless mouse with Bluetooth and a USB receiver. While searching for a wireless mouse, you may also want to determine what types of surfaces you intended to use it on, as mice can work better on certain surfaces.

What types of wireless mice are there?

eBay has a number of affordable wireless mice that have free shipping options. Some of which include:

  • Wireless USB: A traditional wireless mouse comes with the mouse and a USB receiver. The USB receiver is inserted into the USB port on a laptop or desktop computer so that you are connected to the device. As long as the USB receiver is in the outlet and the mouse is switched on, you can use your wireless mouse.
  • Wireless Bluetooth: A wireless Bluetooth mouse comes with a mouse only. Each mouse features instructions on how to connect the mouse to your device; usually, the process involves having your Bluetooth on your phone and the mouse turned on at the same time. From there, you can select the mouse on your intended device and begin using the mouse. You can connect Bluetooth wireless mice to tablets and smartphones.
  • Wireless Bluetooth and USB: A wireless mouse that features Bluetooth and a USB receiver can be connected to laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Some of these mice can also be used on up to three devices at once.