Women's 100% Woolen Skirts

Womens 100% Woolen Skirts

Women can wear wool, especially pleated and pencil skirts, throughout every season. Wool skirts are soft and smooth, and they help regulate body temperature in both hot and cold weather. Wool is also valued for its ability to fully absorb dyes, creating vibrant colors for use in skirts.

Why wear skirts made of wool?

From plaid wool skirts to pencil skirts, women of every size can wear wool. This material is naturally absorbent, which keeps you comfortable in summer and winter. Skirts made out of wool have natural elasticity to allow full movement while maintaining the garmentu001as size and shape, whether pencil or A-line. Wool skirts are sturdy, and the plaid or solid skirt colors stay bright even after many washes.

What are some styles of wool skirts?

When choosing a skirt, size and style both matter. Wool skirts are available in different sizes, styles, and patterns including the following:

  • A-line skirts work well on women of pear shape and thin size. The durability of wool protects the fabric from snags as these skirts flare out.
  • Pencil skirts are vertically straight, like a pencil, and hug tightly to the body. As wool is naturally elastic, these skirts are flattering on women of all sizes and tend to enhance an hourglass or curvy figure.
  • Pleated skirts create curves for straight body types. Wool pleated skirts commonly feature plaid patterns and come in various lengths.
  • High-waisted skirts are those skirts that feature a waistline that is at or above the navel. These can be especially flattering for apple-shaped or long-waisted women. You can find both A-line skirts and pencil skirts that are high-waisted.

Do wool skirts need to be dry cleaned?

Many wool skirts, especially pleated ones, require dry cleaning to keep them in top quality. If the tag does not specify, wash skirts in cool water with a little detergent, squeeze out excess water, and lay flat to dry.

What are the different types of wool used in skirts?

There are variations in the type of wool used to make skirts. Many wool skirts are a blend. The following are some of the kinds of wool you may encounter.

  • Sheepu001as wool is a common type of wool used in skirts, especially plaid, pleated, and pencil skirts. Merino wool comes from a particular breed of sheep and has a softer texture that resists pilling.
  • Mohair wool, from the Angora goat, produces a very soft, fluffy fabric when woven.
  • Cashmere wool comes from certain parts of the cashmere goat. This material is sleek and one of the warmest types of wool.
  • Alpaca wool is a smooth and silky material that has hypoallergenic properties.