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Womens Wallets

From womens coin purses to womens clutches, find stylish ways to carry your cash in the vast inventory of fashion accessories on eBay. Sellers have an incredible range of new and used womens wallets to suit all styles, including designer labels such as Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade.

Designer Brands

From Coach wallets to Michael Kors wallets, sellers on eBay have got the biggest selection of designer brands imaginable. Search for the latest and greatest fashion-forward styles gracing the catwalks, or hunt down those older options that are difficult to find anywhere else. Consider shopping for last seasons wallets, as a cost-effective way to get the trendy designer labels you love.

New and Used

Sellers on eBay have wallets in brand new condition with the original tags, new wallets without tags, and wallets in used condition. The wide range of options and competitive prices makes it easy to find something to suit your budget, and anyone with a passion for retro style is sure to appreciate the extensive range of vintage accessories.

A Wallet for Every Occasion

A wallet is the finishing touch to any ensemble. Large womens bifold and trifold and womens wristlets are a useful way to keep a firm grip on your finances when you are in busy areas. Fossil wallets have an understated, sophisticated style, but you really make a statement stepping out with a Kate Spade wallet in hand.

Fun or Functional?

When you are choosing a wallet, consider your requirements. Do you want individual zip compartments for loose change, or plenty of space for credit cards? Do you want an integrated mirror for touching up you makeup, or do you want a wrist strap for additional security? The vast selection of wallets on eBay has something for everyone.

Style Statements

The massive inventory of womens wallets on eBay makes it easy to find something to suit your style. Start shopping now for paisley wallets that have a light, summertime feel; or opt for a classic black option that is the perfect companion for any outfit. Your next "must-have" accessory is just a mouse-click away.