Improve Your Sound System With a Yamaha Home Theater Receiver

A good home theater system requires a home theater receiver to run correctly. These units help to control the sound system of the unit and use a receiver that is often compatible with remote control. Whether you're creating a special room in your house for watching movies or setting up an area for listening to your favorite albums, consider the following guidelines before purchasing a Yamaha home theater receiver.

What HDMI options are available?

When buying a home theater system, you typically have many HDMI options from which to choose. These systems work in slightly different ways and create a different feel for your music and home theater system and receiver. Just a few options to consider include:

  • HDMI switching: This method allows you to switch between two or more components in a receiver, including televisions and digital music systems.
  • HDMI conversion: This option allows you to accept a variety of connections from various system approaches. It then synthesizes them down to a single cable, allowing you to use each component's highest-quality picture and sound quality.
  • HDMI upconversion: This unique technique upgrades your receiver source to make it closer to HDTV. It is generally used when watching DVDs because it provides a more high-definition look and sound that is better for your music or home theater system.
Can Yamaha receivers be used for music?

These 7.1-channel systems can be used strictly for music instead of as a home theater. Their unique surround sound approach will create an immersive sound style. In fact, some albums may be mixed for this style of sound reproduction. By using this type of system, you can hear the music as it was intended to be heard. Look through your collection of music to find any that are specifically mixed for 7.1-channel home systems. While most music is not mixed for this capability, you can still use this system for your home theater.

Are they adaptable to 3D televisions?

Most of these products can be adapted for use with a 3D television. The necessary items for this adaptation include a TV capable of 3D video, a 3D video source such as a 3D Blu-ray player, an HDMI cable, and 3D glasses. Once you have these items, you can hook your home theater up to it and position your speakers in a way that creates a comprehensive and engaging sound.

Because 3D videos are often mixed with surround systems in mind, they create a 3D feel for both the visual and audio aspect of a home theater. These systems are typically capable of producing this kind of sound even when you aren't watching a 3D movie. However, the sound will need to be mixed for that capacity in order to hear it in this way.

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