How to Get Cinema Surround Sound at Home

Home theater receivers and speakers aim to give you the most immersive experience you can get from your home entertainment devices. You get the surround sound experience of feeling like you are actually there.

What Should I Know About Home Theater Receivers?

Home theatre receivers connect all your electronic equipment: TVs, gaming equipment, stereos, or computer gear. The audio transmits through one speaker system. The numbers on an AV receiver refer to the number of channels or speakers they work with.

  • Number of Channels: The larger digit is the number of channels or frequencies that sound can transmit to. The smaller digit is the number of subwoofers that provide any additional base. A 7.2 system receives and transmits to seven full range frequencies, and two subwoofers.
  • Compatibility: Most AV receivers are compatible with a range of other devices, including Blu-ray players; cable and satellite boxes; and MusicCast, Bluetooth, and other wireless Wi-Fi technology.
  • Connectivity: The ports and connections may include HDMI, USB, and AV inputs and outputs. Check that these are compatible with your existing devices.

How Does the Sound Work?

The audio content of any music, TV, movies, games, etc, usually records in digital formats such as Dolby Digital or DTS. The way it is coded determines which channels, or speakers, the different sound effects are transmitted to via an AV receiver.

  • Dolby Atmos: Dolby Atmos sound recordings aim to give more of a three-dimensional effect to your listening experience. It works a little differently than other digital formats to do this. Sound effects may also code to a place or position, such as above or back left.
  • Speaker Placement: To get 3D type effects from this type of sound, speakers need to be placed around a room, as with any multi-channel receiver. There also needs to be speakers at height for sounds from above. You can do this via the placement of speakers at height, or upward firing speakers and soundbars, as well as the speakers to the front, middle, and rear of a room.

What Does This Brand Offer?

Yamaha has been making musical instruments since the late 1800's. They remain producers of a range of instruments, electronics, and audiovisual equipment. Additional features in AV receivers from this brand may include:

  • Music Enhancer Technology: Some models of Yamaha AV receivers feature their music enhancer technology. Designed to work with wireless systems such as MusicCast and Bluetooth, the enhancer feature improves the sound quality in the playback of compressed media files.
  • AV Controller App: Download an application from Google Play or the Apple Store to use a smart phone or tablet as a remote with some models from this brand. The app is in multiple languages and designed for you to kick back and relax and change your music, movies, and settings via another device.

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