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What to Know About adidas Yeezy 500 High Wakaran 2021

Adidas Yeezy 500

The adidas Yeezy 500 High Wakaran is a new style for the high-top versions of the original low-top shoes. Released on February 8, 2021, Wakaran is a colorway featuring a neutral tone for the suede, leather, and neoprene construction.

Yeezy Wakaran materials

Like other Yeezy 500 High Top shoes, the Wakaran has a neoprene upper with nubuck suede and leather overlays. There is an Adiprene midsole, a chunky gum rubber outsole with a wavy traction pattern for grip, a rubberized mudguard and heel counter, rope laces, and a padded collar.

Other adidas Yeezy 2021 releases

Mist Slate was another adidas Yeezy 2021 colorway released on the same day. Like Wakaran, it has neutral earth tones. The Neoprene base of earthy grey has darker grey overlays in tumbled leather, while the heel, mudguard, and toe have Mist Slate-colored suede details.

adidas Yeezy

Features of the Yeezy Wakaran

The Yeezy 500 High Top has a sneaker-boot look with its high-top silhouette. The nylon mesh or elastane upper is replaced with neoprene paneling so as to be more comfortable and weather-resistant for the rain and wind, so you don't have to worry about your feet getting wet. Wakaran continues the two-tone Yeezy, using a selection of earth tones with a dark-colored outsole, a lighter shade for the trimming, and grey across the heel and side.

 adidas Yeezy Wakaran