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Complement Your Vintage Outfit With Zodiac Watches

Watches make you accountable for your time through an array of features and play an essential function in your life. You will just need to flip your wrist to check the time instead of grabbing your phone. Zodiac watches will accord you this simple function. Zodiac was founded in 1882 in Switzerland. For more than a century, collectors have admired the mix of cool heritage and value. The brand was created for people who work and those driven by passion. The watch has been worn by train conductors, Navy SEALs, and even scuba divers. This vintage timepiece is flawless and incredibly stylish.

What are the features of Zodiac watches?

Zodiac watches are famed for their bold colors and the in-house Swiss automatic movement. Zodiac watches evoke an enviable lineage with sapphire crystal glasses, luminous markers, and leather straps. The leather straps can be interchanged with stainless steel or titanium bracelets. The case is made from ray-shaped stainless steel.

What are the Zodiac watch collections?

Zodiac watches are known for their waterproof qualities. Here are some of the main Zodiac watch collections.

  • Zodiac Super Sea Wolf: The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf model was relaunched in 2014. This collection has a wide range of dive watches. The watches are 40mm with a matte blue dial. They have a stainless-steel bracelet and are water-resistant to 750 meters. The comfort and sizing of this collection are top-notch. Additionally, the watch is COSC certified.
  • Zodiac Astrographic: Zodiac Astrographic was launched in 1969. This small line of timepieces are distinct and have a passé aesthetic with modern features. The hour and minute hand are floating, and a red dot orbits around the dial as it counts the seconds. The watch has a 44-hour power reserve. The 45-millimeter-by-39-millineter watches have an STP 1-11 automatic movement. The sapphire crystal glass makes it scratch proof. To top it all, the watch has leather straps.
  • Zodiac Grandrally: The Zodiac Grandrally is the most affordable in the Zodiac brand. The timepiece is wearable for the modern man. The watches in this collection have a 41.5-millimeter-by-48-millimeter casing.
Is it still produced or discontinued?

Zodiac watches are still produced to date. The modern versions come in sleeker models and have a two-year international warranty. If the watch needs to be replaced, you will receive the same model or a model of equal value.

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