Tênis Adidas EQT masculino

adidas EQT Shoes

In the heyday of '90s nostalgia, adidas re-released its EQT, which first hit the streets in 1991. There's a lot of history in these particular kicks. Sneakerheads know that these sneakers represent a turbulent time for the brand with the three stripes. The EQT was the first shoe that adidas released after eschewing its trefoil logo, so a lot rode on the three stripes. Thanks to the resurgence of all things retro, adidas’ re-release amped up the shoe's original colors, adding bold hues such as red to the lineup of green, white and black. Today, the shoe marks the brand's commitment to sports excellence. Having released the EQT for sports such as soccer and track, the new models are just as home on the concrete and as a streetwear staple.

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adidas EQT Shoes

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